Cunningham’s Commitment

Hello, we’re Chip and Alecia Cunningham and we decided to use this space to tell you a little about ourselves and why we started our business. We hope you can take some time to learn about our business and what sets us apart from all the others. Let us introduce you to our company and our commitment to the being the best rug cleaning company in the Baltimore area.

Our Story

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In 2005, we started a dry-cleaning company as a franchisee of Evans Garment Restoration catering to families whose homes had been through some of the worst imaginable disasters – fire, flood, mold, mildew, even sewage backups!! Our expertise in textiles was honed in the dry and wet cleaning of fibers – making sure the fibers themselves remained intact while our various techniques aggressively removed nasty contaminants.

It wasn’t long before we began getting asked to handle oriental rugs from these homes. At first, we interviewed, tested and subbed out to some of the most recognized names in Maryland. Because we care so much about the quality these subcontractors returned to home owners under our good name, we spent hours watching various “old school” techniques used to remedy problem rugs… But this is where the problems started and our company was born. Learn more about our process and technologies on our rug cleaning process page.

We focus on cleaning methods that are safe for the rug and safe for the owners, and here’s why: like you, we own beautiful hand crafted rugs we cherish and would like to pass down through our own family for as many generations as possible and that means treating them as gently as possible. But far more importantly, we’re the parents of young kids, and they love to roll around on those rugs playing whatever games their little minds can dream up. We simply couldn’t allow the harsh chemicals, dangerous contaminants, or filthy accumulated soils to threaten the health of our family… Or yours!!!

You can trust a Cunningham rug. We invite you to come in on cleaning day to personally witness the cleaning of your rugs, and we thank you for entrusting us with their care.

Chip Cunningham is one of a select few to earn the Master Rug Certification in the Baltimore area. He and his team of professionals remain committed to carrying on a tradition of utilizing the best practices in the care and cleaning of your fine rugs.