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rug-washing-3lgWe offer the most gentle, sanitary and thorough cleaning possible using specialized a full bath immersion and compressed air to clean Oriental, Heirloom and Designer area rugs.

Our approach and equipment are unlike any other cleaner in the region, we invite you to see the process firsthand in our video series.

Cleaning of Oriental and Area Rugs

Cunningham Rug Cleaning believes that the art of cleaning oriental rugs truly is an art form and emphasize that not all commercial or residential carpet cleaners can handle the task of safely cleaning rugs. As Oriental rug cleaners with the training and experience in the care of such rugs, we know the proper processes and methods to not only clean the rugs to restore the original look, but also possess the equipment to work with the rug so as not to damage any fibers or alter the pattern and to return a rug that is safe for your home and family. Oriental rug cleaning is a delicate process best left in the hands of professionals, as cleaning oriental rugs on your own could result in damage being done to the rug itself.

Our focus is on cleaning methods that are safe for the rug and safe for the owners. Like you, we own beautiful hand crafted rugs we cherish and would like to pass these down through our own family for generations to come. For these reasons, it imperative to treat them as gently as possible during the washing process.

We don’t use harsh chemicals, abrasives or steam, rather we rely on a time tested a six step process that offers one of the the most effective, safe and complete treatments available. The washing method of choice is the Turkish bath which allows the rug to be bathed in a gentle bath of water. This approach and attention ensures that the life of your carpet will extend for generations to come and that it is returned to you in a healthy and safe condition with the proper cleaning it deserved. All without exposing it to harsh processes or chemicals!

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How often should you clean your rugs

It’s recommended to have Oriental and Persian carpets cleaned on a regular basis to protect your investment. Spills and stains need to tended to as soon as possible by experienced rug cleaners who have the equipment and knowledge to address the issues without harsh chemicals. Be sure to choose a rug cleaner with the specialized processes and experience to give you the best results. Cunningham Rug Cleaning is proud to stand out in the marketplace for their specialty cleaning processes, safety and level of care for your rug.

Over time dust and general dirt can build up and begin to dull your rugs. Regular cleaning of your oriental rugs can bring back the vibrant colors of your rug and get rid of marks, stains and even identify and repair surface damage. Cunningham Rug Cleaners are able to perform repair work, such as mending edges and binding which may have come loose over time; further adding to the overall look and feel of your coveted oriental rug.

Many Oriental rugs have been handed down through generations or purchased with the intent to pass down to others. Because of the history and significance of quality oriental rugs, and the high price tag associated with the rugs, spending a little bit of money on oriental rug cleaning is the best way to ensure your beloved rug is around for many generations to come and continues adding elegance to your home.