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Rug Cleaning and Washing

We are experts in the cleaning, restoration and repair for all types of Oriental and area rugs. Cunningham’s rug cleaning services use state of art equipment to remove dirt, dust, pet dander, stains and pet odors from your Oriental and area rugs. Bring back the luster and cleanliness of your rugs without any harmful chemicals or harsh detergents with the deep cleaning and expert care from our team of professionals.

Let Cunningham’s certified master rug cleaners bring your rugs back to life and extend their longevity with the proper care and cleaning they deserve.

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Our Rug Cleaning Process

From pet accidents to morning coffee spills to plain old dust, if there’s a rug in need, we can help. Our process for cleaning Oriental and area rugs uses individualized hand care which takes each rug through the steps of dusting, washing, spotting, rinsing, and drying. Throughout each step, each rug is carefully evaluated and treated according to its needs. Our team of master rug cleaners provide consultation on the correct cleaning process for every piece.

Types of Rugs we Clean

Rugs can be just as unique as the people who own them, and the experts here at Cunningham’s take pride in being able to service any type: from specialty rugs to animal hides to Persian or Navajo rugs. Click here to see a complete list.

Specialty Rug Services

Some handmade rugs can last for generations as long as they are handled tenderly. Rug care is an important part of making your home look great, and keeping those family memories intact. Some antique and valuable rugs are far too precious to trust with home cleaning or a regular carpet service. In addition to cleaning and washing we offer a full a range of services to extend the life of your fine rugs.


Rugs can need repair for any number of reasons, but age and wear and tear are two of the big reasons that homeowners decide to bring rugs to a professional. Repairs are often simple processes that can vastly improve your rug. For example: fringe is a delicate part of your rug, and often needs repair work to replace pieces that have been damaged. Rug backing can also fall victim to common wear and tear, and can be fixed with repair. These minor repairs can be done in-house, and will extend the life of your rug.


Repairs that are more complicated fall under the category of restoration. Many holes need to be re-weaved by a master weaver to deliver stunning results. Some of these restorations might need to be completed in the rug’s country of origin.

For more information visit our repair and restoration page.


Padding placed between the floor and your rug creates a non-slip surface and makes your rug safer to walk on. It also makes rugs last longer, feel softer, and look smoother. We can create custom rug padding for any size rug in your home.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Pets are an important part of what makes your house a home. Unfortunately for your rugs, they often need time to adjust before becoming completely house trained. Even then, accidents can happen and this put your rugs at risk. But instead of deciding to keep your pets out of the living room or getting rid of damaged rugs, bring your rugs to Cunningham’s to get rid of pet odor. Over the counter pet stain removers can cause even more damage to your rug, so call an expert before trying to fix the stain yourself.

Insurance Restoration

In the unfortunate circumstance that a homeowner has been confronted with disaster and damage to their home and valuables, Cunningham Rug Cleaners specialize in restoration services for area rugs. In these cases, home insurance can help address the loss of assets in case of accidents like burst pipes or kitchen fires, including insurance restoration for your valuable rugs. If you need to bring your prized rug back to life after a disaster in your home, we are a Rug Force approved vendor, and can restore your rug to pre-loss condition. Smoke, mold, and water damage can be removed, whether the damage is major or minor.

Insurance Restoration Services