green carpet cleaning

4 Must-Ask Questions When Choosing a Green Carpet Cleaning Service

Keeping your carpeting and rugs clean — no matter if they’re antique or store-bought — is a challenging job. You want your investments to look (and smell) good for as long as possible, but the chemicals used by traditional carpet cleaners can be bad for the environment.

Not to mention, some traditional carpet cleaning chemicals can cause everything from headaches to allergic reactions. Some chemicals are even linked to kidney and nerve damage, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Scary, but we have some good news: You don’t have to bring those chemicals into your home — and onto your carpets — anymore.

Why You Should Hire a Green Carpet Cleaning Service

Green (or eco-friendly) carpet cleaning services are growing in popularity — and for good reason. These companies recognize that harsh chemicals aren’t necessarily the best way to clean carpets. Instead, they use either eco-friendly chemicals to clean your rugs and carpets, including those made with soap, essential oils and other proprietary solutions.

Many green carpet cleaning services also use extremely hot water to clean and sanitize carpet.

Questions to Ask Green Carpet Cleaners

Any green carpet company you approach should be willing to tell you the products the use to clean your carpets and rugs. Not knowing the names of the products used and whether their plant- or chemical-based is a big red flag, as is a company that’s secretive about their process.

Good green carpet cleaners will not only be upfront about their process, but they’ll even explain why they use certain products and not others.

Other questions to ask potential green cleaners:

Do you offer free estimates? Knowing what a carpet cleaning will cost up front cuts down on conflicts after the job is done.
Are you bonded and insured? There’s always a chance that carpet cleaners can ruin your carpet, even when they use eco-friendly products. You want to make sure they (and you!) will be covered if something goes wrong.
How hot is the water in your steam cleaners? If your green carpet cleaner uses water to clean and sanitize, ask them how hot it’ll be. In order for a carpet to be steam cleaned, the water has to be hot enough to produce a gas, or at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Downside to Using Green Carpet Cleaning Services

One thing to keep in mind when hiring a green carpet service: It’ll take longer to for your carpet to dry afterward.

Traditional carpet cleaning services use harsh chemicals that cut down on drying time, but using eco-friendly products typically takes a lot longer — at least 24 hours or so. The time it takes for your carpet to dry completely depends on a number of factors, including the amount of humidity and time of year.

While that can be a nuisance, ask your green carpet cleaning service for tips on cutting down on drying time. Opening windows and running fans can help — and many green cleaners provide booties to wear during the drying process so you can walk around your home without getting your socks wet (or getting your carpets dirty!).