Vacuuming an oriental rug

The 3 Best Vacuums For Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are one-of-a-kind investments.

Maybe they were passed down to you from previous generations, or maybe you bought them on a trip to Asia. Either way, there’s no way to replace your oriental rugs, so you want to make them last.

But you also want to keep them clean and looking sharp. Enter: The vacuum.

It’s true that some vacuums can damage your priceless oriental rugs, but others are able to sweep away with dirt without ruining your investment. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

Kenmore Elite 21814

Price: $409 on

The Kenmore Elite 21814 is a bit pricey at over $400, but it gives plenty of bang for your buck, especially on oriental rugs.

The Kenmore Elite is a canister vacuum, meaning that it’s not one upright unit and has the roller and hose detached from the debris holder. This makes the the hose and roller easier to maneuver, making it easier to move around on your oriental rugs.

It also comes with additional attachments, including one made specifically for rugs.

“I love how you can adjust the suction power for throw rugs,” one review wrote on Amazon. “LOVE IT!!!”

“We’ve used it on the rug, on tile, and on the wooden first floor. It performs great everywhere,” added Amazon review Robert Gamble. “The cord is longer than I’m used to which makes it even more convenient. The canister rolls easily and smoothly, and the vacuum admirably cleans the floor with little issue.”

The main complaint seems to be that it weighs more than a typical vacuum. If that doesn’t bother you, check out this vacuum.

Hoover WindTunnel Max UH30600

Price: $129 on

If upright vacuums are more your style — or if you’re on a budget — the Hoover WindTunnel Max UH30600 is a favorite among oriental rug owners. Like the Kenmore, the Hoover vacuum comes with additional attachments for rugs and upholstery — and you can adjust the roller height to fit your rugs.

“I have mostly hardwood floors and one big rug and this guy does a great job keeping the house dust and hair free!” one review wrote on Amazon. “I’ve had this vacuum for about a year now and I’m quite happy with it.”

Nearly 75 percent of the 732 current reviews on Amazon give the Hoover WindTunnel Max either four or five stars.

Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum

Price: $449 on

German brand Miele has a reputation for making the best vacuums for oriental rugs, and the Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum is no exception.

The powerful Miele mower really sucks out dirt that’s embedded deep in your rugs, and a rotary dial gives you control over the suction — meaning you can use it on all your carpets and rugs, not just oriental rugs.

“This is the best vacuum I ever purchased!” one reviewer wrote.

Bonus: The vacuum comes with additional attachments and a long seven-year warranty, meaning you’ll get years of use out of your vacuum investment without worrying about it breaking.

Must-Follow Tips For Vacuuming Your Oriental Rug

Clearing dirt and dust from your oriental rug is an art.

You can’t just vacuum it like you woulda normal carpet because the edge fringe can catch in vacuum rollers and unravel, risking the structure of the entire rug.

Instead, follow these tips when vacuuming your oriental rug:

  • Always vacuum side to side. This movement pattern stirs up the pile enough to kick up dirt and dust without risking the design of the rug.
  • Don’t forget to vacuum the back of your rug. Vacuuming the back of your oriental rug every two or three weeks can help out any dirt that’s sunk down to the base of the rug.
  • Get a professional cleaning every year or so. A professional rug cleaner has access to specialized tools that can bring out all the dirt in the rug without damaging the design and natural structure of the rug.