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The Worst Things You Can do to Your Area Rug at Home

Area rugs are the perfect way to cozy-up a room. Whether it’s in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom, an area rug is an important addition to the overall comfort level in your home. But if you aren’t taking care of your area rug, it could deteriorate it.

In order to keep your rug looking its best and meeting your expectations, here’s a guide of what not to do to your rug.

Leaving it in the sun

Did you know the sun can help disinfect your rug? Those bright rays of sunshine can help fight off germs, but the sun is also powerful enough to change the look of your rug. If you have an area rug that takes in direct sunlight for a long period of time during the day, the look and colors within your rug could fade. In order to combat this, we recommend pulling your curtains closed during the sunniest times of day, moving your rug into a more shaded area, or at least turning your rug so it gets evenly exposed to the sun.

Not moving it every once in a while

Like our area rug tip above, your rug could greatly benefit from being rotated every once in a while. Since the sun can fade a rug’s coloring, turning it will ensure it gets faded evenly over time. Moving your rug around also helps its padding since we typically walk on certain parts of the rug more than others. This will even out the rug’s traffic level. Most area rugs have a similar pattern throughout, so you don’t have to worry about this changing the look of your room.

Letting a spill soak in

You might be enjoying a glass of wine when you accidentally spill a bit on your rug. You could be eating dinner in the living room when soda or juice tips over on the table. You might even have a dog with a long tail that tends to knock drinks over. However a spill happens, it’s vital to clean up the mess before your rug soaks it in. Read our guide for how to clean rug stains.

Not vacuuming it

Although vacuuming your rug doesn’t take a lot of energy, it’s a household chore that many of us put off until it’s urgently necessary. But if you don’t vacuum your rug regularly, you could be contributing to its downfall. Dirt, germs, crumbs, and even bugs could get buried in your rug on a daily basis. We recommend vacuuming your rug at least a couple times per week, if not quickly every day.

Not getting it professionally cleaned

You might be diligent about vacuuming and cleaning your rug after a spill, but there are tons of germs and debris that live deep down inside of an area rug that won’t come out with a vacuum. A professional rug cleaning not only draws out hard-to-get dirt and debris, but it livens your rug’s appearance. Stains, germs, dog hair, and more will come out with a professional cleaning, so be sure to get it cleaned once every six months.

Wearing shoes on it too often

Area rugs typically take on a lot of traffic. Although it’s easy to keep your shoes on when you get home, wearing your shoes and walking over your rug could get it dirty, fade the coloring, or even rip it. We suggest making your rug a “shoe-free zone,” which will help keep it looking its best. Plus, rugs are often soft and comfortable, so you’ll be able to fully experience its comfort.

Letting your pets take it over

Our pets are oftentimes part of the family. They lounge with us in the family room, eat their dinner while we’re eating ours, and even sleep on our beds — if they’re lucky. But even though we love our pets, they tend to leave messes everywhere they go. They shed, have accidents, and eat treats on our rugs. If you pet loves your area rug but also ends up contributing to its damage, we suggest getting your pet a rug or bed of their own. You can teach them to lay on their special rug instead of getting your nice area rug messy.

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