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Everything you need to know about professional rug cleaning

Whether you have an area rug that perfectly accentuates a room or you have an expensive oriental rug that has been passed down for years, a professional rug cleaning is practically required in order to maintain the rug’s quality and appearance.

But when it comes to cleaning rugs, it can be overwhelming to know when to get them cleaned, what you have to do to prepare for a rug cleaning, and what to do after it has been cleaned.

Here’s our guide to what you should know about rug cleaning:

How often should you get your rugs cleaned?

There are many different kinds of rugs and area rugs, and how often you get them cleaned will depend on the material and type of rug. If you have an expensive rug, such as an oriental rug, we suggest getting it professionally cleaned every five or six years. You’ll want to follow those same guidelines with an antique rug, as getting it cleaned too often could start to break it down because of its age. Area rugs and less expensive rugs can be cleaned every one or two years. When you’re researching rug cleaning, you’ll want to mention the type of rug you own and disclose when your last cleaning was.

How do you prepare for rug cleaning?

Discussing everything you know about your rug is a great place to start when you need a cleaning. Cunningham’s offers rug pickup and delivery throughout the Baltimore area, so you’ll want to remove your furniture and seating off the rug before it’s picked up. Once your rug has been taken in for a cleaning, we suggest adding furniture pads to the feet of your chairs and couches since your rug won’t be padding them while it’s out.

What kind of products are used in rug cleaning?

Cunningham’s Rug Cleaning offers a gentle approach to washing your rug. We use a combination of water and specialized detergents to give your rug a thorough cleaning, while also ensuring we aren’t damaging it with harsh chemicals.

What does the rug cleaning process entail?

Our process begins by eliminating dirt and small particles from your rug by dusting it. If needed, we’ll also use a gentle, forced air technique to get everything cleared. Next, your rug is given our Turkish bath treatment, which fully submerges it in our gentle cleaning concoction. Once the entire rug has been cleaned, we’ll inspect it for any needed spot treatment. Your rug will then be rinsed in our state-of-the-art dual-port centrifuge. To ensure all soap, contaminants, and particles are removed, you rug will be spun at 1,000 revolutions per minute, which will leave it 98% dry. To finish drying, the rug will hang overnight and will be tested with a hygrometer, which measures humidity levels.

How do you take care of your rug after a cleaning?

Once your rug is delivered and laid back in its spot, allow it to breathe before overloading it with furniture. Other than that, your rug will be clean and ready to make your home cozy once again.

Learn more about our professional rug cleaning process, or request a rug cleaning estimate.