Oriental rugs are hanging in a store.

5 Tips for Buying a Family-Friendly Rug

Rugs serve many purposes. They can style a room, bring warmth to every season, protect fragile floors, and designate zones within a room. But if you have children in your home, choosing the right rug is essential, as it can be damaged and ruined easily.

If you aren’t sure how to pick a rug for a room that has children running through it and living in it, here’s a quick guide to help you buy a rug that will serve a purpose, last, and look its best.

Consider some color

One of the worst mistakes a rug buyer can make is buying a beautiful rug that isn’t practical for their space. For instance, white rugs are classy, elegant, and versatile. But is a white rug the best choice for homes with children? Probably not. Even if your kids are trained to take off their shoes when coming inside the house, they might spill juice or food on it. Plus, adults are even capable of spilling on a rug. Although wine is always a good choice, it doesn’t look so great on a rug. Rather than stressing about staining your white rug, find a rug with patterns and colors that can hide small spills and stains.

Don’t overspend

Although it’s not a bad idea to invest in an expensive rug that could last decades, you have to think about the use of your rug. If your rug lies on a high-traffic area, consider the damage it could attract after months and years of use. If you invest in a high-quality rug for your living area, consider if you’ll be worried about the rug when your family is relaxing in the space. If you’re going to be more focused on the rug rather than your family’s comfort, it’s probably not practical to buy an expensive rug — at least for a common area in your home. There are many affordable rugs that look expensive, so don’t overspend.

Make sure it can be cleaned

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a rug is knowing whether or not it can be cleaned. Although Cunningham’s rug cleaning process can wash pretty much every kind of rug out there, it’s something to consider when you’re shopping around for a rug. A synthetic fiber rug might be your best bet if you think your rug will acquire a lot of spills and messes.

Buy a comfortable rug

For one reason or another, kids like rugs. They like to lay, run around, and snuggle up with their pets on them. That’s why your rug’s comfort level should be another factor you consider before committing to a rug. Some natural fiber rugs, such as some weaved jute rugs, can be rough. Some super inexpensive rugs can also have a scratchy texture. Run your hand over each rug’s surface before you buy to ensure it’ll be comfortable for the bare feet in your home.

Give the rug a purpose

Rugs aren’t just intended for comfort and the style of a room. Believe it or not, they can wrangle kids and pets. If you allow your kids to eat and drink while watching TV, tell them they have to stay on the rug — otherwise they could get your other furniture sticky or hide food throughout the house. This could also ensure your kids only get spills and stains on the washable rug you find for that high-traffic area.

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