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Alexandria Rug Cleaning

When you want a job done right, it’s always best to trust the experts. One indication that ensures you’re dealing with an expert is to look for some kind of certification. In the case of Cunningham’s, we are among the very few – and the only one in the Greater D.C. area – to have achieved Certified Master Oriental Rug Cleaner. Earning this certification requires a long and arduous course of study and hands-on training in both traditional and cutting-edge techniques for the care of heirloom rugs and antique rug cleaning.

Another thing to look for is the type of equipment that is used. In centuries past, the artisans of Southeast Asia who crafted these fine rugs and those who owned them would take them into the foothills, seeking a clear-running mountain stream in which to wash them. Our Turkish rug bath machine (one of the few remaining) re-creates this time-honored method by which the rug is fully immersed in cool water along with a mild detergent. The water is then gently agitated by machine, removing dust and dirt particles. After this is done, the rug is placed in a centrifuge in order to remove as much excess water as possible before it is hung up to air dry.

Cunningham’s also offers free pick up and delivery of your fine heirloom rug. You can rest assured that when you trust your your antique rug cleaning to the region’s leading oriental rug cleaners, it will be cared for as if it was our own. Services are available for the following ZIP codes: 22206, 22301, 22302, 22304, 22305, 22311, 22312, 22314.