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Rug Restoration

rug restoration

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We perform most basic repairs in-house. However, when a rug restoration presents a challenge with which we are unfamiliar, or we’re simply not properly equipped to handle, we’re tapped in to an extensive network of experts from around the globe at the ready to assist even the most challenging case.

Whether your rug needs to be rewoven by hand to recreate a significant portion lost to fire, insects, flower plots, etc., or you’re just looking to stabilize your rug to prevent further damage, we encourage you to call our office to discuss your specific need and what can be both achieved and expected.  While these jobs take more time and are priced only after careful inspection of the pieces themselves, many heirlooms can be addressed with a nearly undetectable restoration.

Rug Appraisals

We do rug appraisals for a number of different clients. These include rug appraisals for a variety of needs and situations. Call or contact us today and discuss you individual needs in antique, oriental or heirloom rug appraisals.

  • Pre-Purchase
    When you’re making a substantial investment, it’s wise to get a professional opinion. You wouldn’t dream of buying a used vehicle without a mechanice taking a look, and you should not take a chance on an expensive rug based solely on the sellers opinion that you’re getting a ridiculous deal.
  • Proper Insurance of Heirloom Rugs
    When insuring a high end item, you’re always better off naming the item in your policy. Like expensive jewelry, some rugs are so valuable they too should be named within your policy. But don’t just guess at the rugs value and pay for a coverage that may prove to be wildly excessive or woefully insufficient. Let us help you get it right and avoid future irritation and uncertainty.
  • Insurance Claim / Fire, Flood, & Other
    Whether you’re an adjuster whose policyholder rug has been damaged by fire, flood, or other insured loss, or you’re a rug owner wanting to make sure you’re properly compensated for your destroyed heirloom, it is important to have a trained eye perform the appraisal; but not just an eye trained in rugs, but one trained and fires and floods too!

Values of rugs can vary wildly and perhaps the worst indication of a rugs value paid for it at the time. While many rugs appreciate nicely over time, most post-World War II rugs do not appreciate at all. Consumers have usually paid more for a rug purchased in the 50s-80s than they are worth today, but again there are certainly exceptions.

Additionally, though condition is one of the major factors in a rug’s value, we know that you’re concerned with pre-loss condition. Overtime we have become experts and establishing pre-loss condition even in a significant fire and often without the need to clean the rug first. Though some ruined high end-rugs will still require cleaning to properly appraise, the difference can vary by thousands and can mean the difference between surpassing policy limits and identifying a rug whose value had faded long before the insured event.