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Bethesda MD Rug Cleaning

There is a real science to rug cleaning that most people do not fully understand. However, as Maryland’s only Certified Master Rug Cleaner, Cunningham’s is uniquely equipped with the knowledge and specialized equipment needed to properly take care of valuable heirloom rugs. In addition, we offer rug repair and rug restoration services.

The fact is that antique rug cleaning is a very exacting, six-step process. If this is not done carefully, the best that can be expected is that the rug will be subject to excessive wear and tear. The worst case scenario is that the rug can be damaged or even destroyed.

Our certified technicians employ traditional rug cleaning techniques that require a piece of machinery that is almost impossible to find today. This is a special immersion bath that simulates the traditional manner in which people of South Central Asia cleaned their rugs for centuries, using clear mountain streams. Our Turkish bath rug cleaning system places the rug completely under water. After a mild, specially-formulated detergent is added, a hydraulic mechanism gently agitates the water, which removes dirt more thoroughly and safely than any method we know of. After this, the rug is placed in a centrifuge in order to remove excess water before we hang it up to finish drying.

Cunningham’s is also the only rug cleaning service in the region that offers free pick up and delivery. When it’s time to clean and inspect your valuable heirloom rugs and you want the peace of mind knowing the job has been done correctly, trust Cunningham’s. We serve customers in the following ZIP codes: 20810, 20811, 20813, 20814, 20815, 20816, 20817, 20824, 20825, 20827, 20889, 20892, 20894.