Oriental rugs are hanging in a store.

5 Tips for Buying a Family-Friendly Rug

Rugs serve many purposes. They can style a room, bring warmth to every season, protect fragile floors, and designate zones within a room. But if you have children in your home, choosing the right rug is essential, as it can be damaged and ruined easily. If you aren’t sure how to pick a rug for

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Cunningham's Rug Cleaning before and after rug cleaning photo

Everything you need to know about professional rug cleaning

Whether you have an area rug that perfectly accentuates a room or you have an expensive oriental rug that has been passed down for years, a professional rug cleaning is practically required in order to maintain the rug’s quality and appearance. But when it comes to cleaning rugs, it can be overwhelming to know when

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A decorated living room in a home is photographed.

The Worst Things You Can do to Your Area Rug at Home

Area rugs are the perfect way to cozy-up a room. Whether it’s in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom, an area rug is an important addition to the overall comfort level in your home. But if you aren’t taking care of your area rug, it could deteriorate it. In order to keep your

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A dog is laying on a rug in a living room with two kids.

How to Choose the Best Rugs for Pets

Pets are a part of many people’s lives. They’re our family members, and that oftentimes means they live indoors with us. But even though we love our dogs and cats cuddling with us in our living spaces, they tend to leave behind messes that we’re left to clean up. In order to achieve a healthy

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A gray rug is sitting on a wood floor.

Types of Rug Materials and Styles and How to Care for Them

Rugs are an important aspect of styling a room. They can create a comfortable living space, cover up old flooring, and accentuate how you decorated a room. A rug also brings people together by marking the most significant part of the room. When it comes to choosing a rug to perfectly fill your room, there

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stain on rug

The Ultimate Guide to DIY carpet stain remover

Wine. Juice. Urine. Ink. Pets. Children. Guests. Us. Nothing spells us into crisis mode faster than a carpet spill. With all the products on the market, there are actually many DIY carpet stain removers that come straight from the kitchen. And of course, there are times, when it’s time to call someone to the carpet

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remove smoke smell from carpet

Will carpet cleaning remove smoke smell?

Of all the foul fumes that one can have in their home, cigarette smoke seems to be the power villain; its smell lingers long after the offender has been snuffed.  And carpets (and upholstered furniture), with their vast square footage and multiple porous fibers, are the perfect accomplice, harboring the stale stench for months to

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Spring Rug Cleaning

4 Must-Follow Spring Cleaning and Storage Tricks For Rugs

Quality, handcrafted rugs are meant to be a showpiece in your home, but there are certain times of the year — like the late spring and summer — when you want to store them away. It’s true that you can ruin rugs by storing them, but only if you do it improperly. We’ve rounded up

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Vacuuming an oriental rug

The 3 Best Vacuums For Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are one-of-a-kind investments. Maybe they were passed down to you from previous generations, or maybe you bought them on a trip to Asia. Either way, there’s no way to replace your oriental rugs, so you want to make them last. But you also want to keep them clean and looking sharp. Enter: The

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green carpet cleaning

4 Must-Ask Questions When Choosing a Green Carpet Cleaning Service

Keeping your carpeting and rugs clean — no matter if they’re antique or store-bought — is a challenging job. You want your investments to look (and smell) good for as long as possible, but the chemicals used by traditional carpet cleaners can be bad for the environment. Not to mention, some traditional carpet cleaning chemicals

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