Drapes & Window Coverings

With over a decade of experience in the cleaning, restoration and protection of fine textiles; Cunningham’s has a specialty in the on-site professional cleaning of draperies and other window coverings.

At the start of the appointment the cleaning specialist will perform a pre-cleaning inspection to evaluate the items.  This inspection will include attention to:

  • Installation and construction of the items
  • Fabric type
  • Cleanability code
  • General fabric conditions and review of pleats, wrinkles, linings, backings, and seams
  • Stain/Soil conditions
  • Hardware locations and conditions (e.g. zippers, hooks, cornices)
  • Additional characteristics of piece, including fabric backing, cushions, and linings
  • Color conditions, evidence of bleeding and areas of color loss or fading
  • Colorfast testing

This pre-inspection allows the specialist to determine the most appropriate cleaning method to ensure the safest and most effective treatment.

Dry Cleaning

Delicate pieces are cleaned using an on-site dry cleaning method.  With professional grade dry cleaning solvents and a powerful professional extraction system, these fine textiles are professionally cleaned with the highest level of equipment and the utmost care.

Wet Cleaning

Professional wet cleaning is performed when it’s determined, through pre-inspection and fabric tests, that the cleaning process won’t change the color or texture of the item.  For wet cleaning, a truck-mounted extraction system is used to inject water and detergent into the fabric, flush, and extract suspended soil and water with a specialty hand tool.  Several vacuum passes are performed to ensure minimal residual moisture and a quick dry time.

Our specialists are trained and educated in the cleaning, restoration and care of fine fabrics and household textiles.  Contact us to schedule an appointment, or add this service to your existing appointment.