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The most effective fiber protectant for rugs!

The threat of stains should never come between you and the room décor you love. All too often, children are banished from living rooms and beautiful sofas and chairs are covered with expendable blankets or crinkly plastic covers. With the fiber protectant you can stop living in fear and start taking steps towards preventing damage to your rugs and upholstery while still being able to enjoy your living space.

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Protect Your Rugs from Stains!

  • Highly effective
  • Protects silks
  • Blocks dirt & liquids
  • Non-staining formula
  • Woolsafe approved
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Take charge with preventive maintenance

Spills, one of the leading causes of rug and upholstery damage, may be inevitable but the harm caused by a tipping glass or dropped food can be eliminated. Cunningham’s rug treatment is a fiber protectant that works on just about anything, which prevents costly damage by protecting carpets and furniture that are easily damaged by liquids and dirt. A simple application of the fiber protectant provides incredible and long lasting results to save your rugs from damage, save on rug cleaning costs by taking advantage of the preventative maintenance of a cutting edge protectant.

A truly revolutionary fiber treatment

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Treated Rugs Resist Liquids

The revolutionary non-Teflon and non-staining formula surrounds each fiber of an item with a mini-force field to repel stain causing dirt and fluids. Instead of soaking into the carpet, any spilled liquid will pool on the surface of the textile. Dirt, grime, spills and stains won’t be absorbed and the color won’t stick to your carpet, making clean up an easy matter of wiping up the spill with a towel. Wine, juice, sodas, and more are no match!

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Cunningham’s’s Rug Cleaners can apply a treatment of the powerful fiber protectant to any rug brought in for cleaning. We also do in home applications on furniture and upholstery by appointment. With just one application the item will be protected from stain damage for long periods of time! The feel of the textile will not change, your carpeting will be just as soft as before using Fiber protectant. This product is safe to use on most fabrics, including expensive woolen carpeting and delicate silks.

The product is safe for use on wool rugs. Tested and approved by the WoolSafe organization, the Fiber protectant is safe to use on wool. Protect your rugs and fabric and greatly improve dirt repellency with this protective treatment.

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