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It happens more often than you’d think. Every day property disasters; caused by fire, water, mold or other such catastrophe; displace families and destroy personal belongings. Along with these belongings are decades of memories, priceless mementos and irreplaceable items passed down from generation to generation.

When it comes to saving your rugs, there is hope. Cunningham’s Rug Cleaning specializes in the restoration and recovery of rugs damaged by property disasters. In more cases than not, even when others have deemed it destroyed, we have been able to bring these rugs back to their original condition and beauty. We appreciate the value, both sentimental and financial, that these rugs hold for their owners and the importance of their care and handling during the restoration process.

From basic rug washing and minor repairs, to color correction and extensive restorations and reweaves, Cunningham’s Rug Cleaning employs Master Rug Cleaners that will evaluate the damage, coordinate with you and your insurance company, and carry out the necessary services.

As rug restoration professionals, we are committed to the following:

  • Maintaining our facilities, equipment and experienced personnel to remain a “specialist” in our field
  • Abiding by service level requirements, which standardize communication, customer satisfaction, and quality services
  • Understanding the claim procedures and protocols of the insurance company
  • Working with other experts, from around the globe, to provide our customers and clients a limitless resource of the rug industry’s finest experts

Cunningham’s Rug Cleaning is dedicated to providing the insurance restoration world a seamless solution for rug care needs.

We guarantee a consistent client and customer experience throughout the claims process, with any rug, anywhere in the country.

  • 24/7/365 Claims Handling
  • Uniformed and Screened Personnel
  • Onsite Inventory
  • Digital Photos Uploaded Instantly from the Field
  • Estimate within 24 hours of Pickup
  • Stored until read for Delivery
  • We always offer to relay the rugs when we deliver!
  • Certificate of Satisfaction
  • Appraisal of Non-Restorable Rugs
  • Salvage and/or Replacement of Damaged Rugs

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