Odor Removal

Odors are caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds that humans or other animals perceive by the sense of olfaction.  True deodorization is performed by either removing or neutralizing the odor source, the contaminant that’s producing the volatilized chemical compounds, as opposed to masking the source of odor by applying a superficial deodorizing agent.  Cunningham’s employs many different methods of true deodorization, from the basic professional-grade cleaning to hospital grade disinfection.  Our specialists will determine the best treatment plan for each unique project, based on the contaminant, the affected area or item, and the desired result.

  • Hot Water Extraction – Though not specifically a method of disinfection, our thorough cleaning process of hot water extraction, using professional equipment and cleaning solutions, rids carpet of the surface contaminants that cause general malodors.
  • Encapsulating Agents – These agents bind to, encapsulate, and absorb contaminant molecules- no matter the source- to permanently eliminate odor without additives, oxidizers, or chemical desensitizers.
  • Enzyme Treatment – Enzyme treatments uses beneficial microorganisms to change the odor at the molecular level by producing enzymes to digest the organic source material of the odor, leaving only water and carbon dioxide. In area rug cleaning, enzyme treatments are used to neutralize the PH of urine and other contaminants in order to properly clean the rug and maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning solutions.
  • Sanitization & Disinfection – With professional grade, EPA registered, hospital-grade sanitizers and disinfection agents, we can kill 99.999% of odor causing bacteria.  For commercial or large-scale applications, our sister company, Smith Solutions, is an inclusive resource for establishing and maintaining a healthy indoor environment.
  • Air Purification – For long-term, natural air purification; our sister company, Smith Solutions, provides photocatalytic treatments.  A thin layer of titanium dioxide is applied to structural surfaces that filters pathogens, carcinogens, and other contaminants from the airspace, using the power of light as a catalyst, to reverse indoor air pollution.  These treatments are proven to significantly reduce indoor air pollutants that not only cause odors, but allergies and other general maladies.

Cunningham’s has built an expertise in the deodorization of textiles, rugs, carpet and other soft goods and surfaces in both residential and commercial environments.  With an arsenal of treatment options for different applications, we will develop a plan to meet your unique need.