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Rest assured, your rug can be brought back to life! We separate these services into two categories, Repairs & Restoration.

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Repairs include the inexpensive fringe replacement or surging/binding repair as well backing replacement, blocking, seam separation repair, minor dye migrations and other non-invasive projects. Restoration refers to the more expensive and time consuming work that often requires a Master Weaver to re-create even Persian rugs by matching colors and material with stunning results that age gracefully with the original work.

We will perform most minor repairs in house, and are able to arrange museum quality repairs and restorations for all your Oriental, Navajo, Tibetan, and other rugs, including other exotic rugs and carpets. We can repair Persian rugs and kilims like Arbidil, Baluch, Esfahan, Heriz, Isfahan, Sarook, Sarough, Shiraz, Tabriz, Kerman, Nain, Hamadon, prayer rugs, Chinese, Oriental, Tibetan, Turkish, and European rugs and carpets.

Keep in mind that reweaving a hole is difficult task that often requires a Master Weaver and occasionally can mean that your rug may travel back to its country of origin (We will obviously discuss this with you ahead of time and only send a rug out with your full permission and approval), and the expense usually justifiable on the most valuable rugs. The rug will be cleaned in our facility before having the broken foundation fibers repaired and extended prior to reweaving. Hand-spun, hand-dyed threads are then knotted into the hole in the exact pattern and density as the foundation. Your rug can be recreated warp for warp, weft for weft, and knot for knot so that the restoration is indistinguishable from the original portion of the rug. HOWEVER, an alternative to this is a repair where we take a patch from another similar rug and have it sewn into your rug. If the color matches and the design is appropriate, many patch repairs can be as difficult to spot as a restorative reweave.

Let us help bring your rug back to life. We will happily assist you in making the difficult decisions of what can and should be done with your rug. Call for an appointment with one of our experts.