Tile & Grout

Tile flooring is beautiful and durable, but tiled floors are often installed in high traffic areas and standard over-the-counter cleaning solutions are no match for grout’s porous and absorbent surface.  Cunningham’s specializes in the professional cleaning and sealing of tile and grout, to not only restore the flooring you once loved, but protect it from permanent damage and discoloration.


Regular sweeping and mopping will remove surface particulates, but the most basic cleaning can involve the back-breaking task of manual scrubbing, with less-than outstanding results.  Grout is porous and acts as a sponge, absorbing soils and spills into its surface.  This sponging of contaminants can quickly discolor typically light grout, detracting from the good looks of once impeccable tile. 

Tile and grout cleaning is performed using our truck-mounted industrial extractor and high pressure rotary tool.  The powerful jetting of hot water and cleaning solution flushes the grout pores and removes waxes and build-up from the tiles, both deep cleaning and sanitizing the surface.  The soiled water is extracted and the area is thoroughly rinsed, leaving behind only the beautiful luster of a pristine floor.


For long-term maintenance of now-clean tile and grout, a protective sealant should be applied after every cleaning.  Sealants fill the grout pores, providing a protective barrier from soils and spills that would otherwise quickly penetrate and absorb into the surface.  Not only does it help maximize your flooring investment by extending the life of your tile and grout, it significantly improves the effectiveness of your next cleaning by allowing more dirt and grime to be extracted from the surface.  Tile and grout sealant should be re-applied after every professional cleaning.

Cunningham’s takes pride in offering this hard-surface cleaning solution with the expertise and high level equipment to achieve optimal results!  Contact us to schedule an appointment, or add this service to your existing appointment.