Professionally cleaning your upholstery can bring back the color, texture, and beauty of your furniture.  It removes allergens and extends the life of the piece.

On upholstery, we use the same method as our professional carpet cleaning: hot water extraction.  Using a truck-mounted commercial-grade unit, with specialty tools made gentle enough for finer upholstery fabrics, hot water and cleaning solution is jetted and then extracted with high pressure, thoroughly rinsing the material.  The controlled application of water and solution, along with the strength of extraction, ensure that the

upholstery is gently cleaned without risking damage or saturation.  We can clean most standard upholstery fabrics, and always recommend a fiber protector {link to fiber protector page} be applied post-cleaning to protect your pieces from spills and stains.

In addition to our basic upholstery cleaning, we may recommend the following:

Heavy Stain Removal
While standard spot removal is included, heavy stains may require specialty removal treatments that are above and beyond our standard service.  When able, the technician on-site will let you know of stains that will require this extra attention and ask questions to aid in the removal such as the age of the spot, the cause, and any previous cleaning attempts.

Pet Treatment
Excessive pet stains and/or odor will require treatment with specialty cleaning compounds designed specifically to neutralize urine, feces, and odors.  This can assist with removing the scents that draw animals back to the same spot (though this can’t be guaranteed).  These treatments are priced per application.  If necessary, the technician will request approval for these treatments upon the initial walk-through during your appointment.

Fiber Protector
Fiber protector extends the life of your upholstery and protects it from spills and staining.  Furniture manufacturers may apply a protector during the manufacturing process, but this coating is not permanent and should be reapplied every 6 months, or after cleaning, whichever comes first.  Cunningham’s has over a decade of experience in textiles, and works with the leading brands of fiber protectors to provide the best options to our clients.  Learn more here.

Have more questions about upholstery cleaning?  Want to know what you can do prior to your appointment? 
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